After 90 years, Ibis still going strong

The University of Miami’s Ibis yearbook, made its debut in 1927 at the end of the University’s first year. In the foreword of the first yearbook, the strength and spirit of those pioneering students rang out: “We have no traditions to follow, no precedents to guide us in our venture into the realms of education…. We are constructing this yearbook for the purpose of making permanent record of accomplishments of our first year.” The Ibis has been published annually since that first year and has grown considerably. The most recent volume of the Ibis was 496 full color pages, and created by staff of nearly fifty.

Quick facts about Ibis

Balfour Publishing prints the Ibis in Dallas, TX.

Our Balfour printing rep isĀ Marcia Meskiel-Macy, a University of Miami alumna.

Our student portraits are shot by Lifetouch Inc., based out of Bensalem, PA.

The book is delivered in the fall semester and is passed out to free to students.