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Parents! UM’s Ibis Yearbook is excited to offer you an opportunity to honor your student through our Celebratory Ads!

The national award-winning Ibis Yearbook is distributed free to the whole student body every September after graduation. We would be delighted to publish a photo of your graduate with a special message of your choice in the 2015 yearbook. This personalized message will remind them just how proud you are and is something they will reflect upon for years to come.

Our talented staff will design your personalized Celebratory Ad. All you need to do is send a memorable photo and accompanying message, attached with the order form you can download at the link below.

Click HERE to view sample Parent Ads from the 2013 Ibis Yearbook.

We hope you enjoy this special moment. Don’t miss this opportunity to leave this small gift as a token of your child’s new beginning!

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